If you are a frequent traveler you might already know the hotel booking hacks. Some of my friends use these tips to book hotel.

Hotel Booking

Don’t Book Famous hotel if you are on a tight budget:

Famous hotels are always overbooked and that’s why they don’t provide discounts to new clients. If you are their returning and loyal customer they might consider giving you the discount but not everyone is lucky. In real life example, one of my friends wanted to book a hotel near Mumbai Airport on the weekend. He approached the hotel directly and the hotel gave him a quote of Rs.3500/- per night while another hotel beside with same class offered Rs.2500/- per night.

Always check the hotel rates on multiple deal aggregator sites and also check the hotel directly. Most of the time you will grab the best deal if you compare the price on Hotel aggregator sites. If you are booking the hotel in the morning you may not likely get the best deal but if you are booking the hotel in the late-night just for sleeping you might get the best deal on hotel aggregator sites.

Don’t rely on Hotel booking Apps:

As I said to compare the prices of the hotel in hotel aggregator sites and also check with the hotel directly by calling them. It is super easy to find the contact details on Google Maps, just type the hotel name and area name you will find that hotel. Sometime the app will show that there is no room available in the hotel but you might be surprised to see that the hotel room is still available if you approach them directly. 

What’s included:

We always forgot to ask what’s included in the hotel room tariff. Some hotels offer you a complimentary breakfast. Some may offer you a brunch. It all depends on your negotiation skills.

Never ask your hotel to book a Taxi for you:

It is easy to ask your hotel to book a taxi for you and most of the taxi drivers pay commission to these hotels. Hotels always have the taxis available but they charge up to 2x more what you can get in real market. Now you know why the taxies are costlier at the hotel. 

Bonus Tip:

If you are booking in peak time you should not rely on On-demand Cab Aggregators as they might be in surge and you might end up paying even more than what hotel could have charged you.

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