You might have heard about Cab Aggregators like Ola, Uber and many other online Cab booking taxi drivers refusing to go Lonavala and Khandala. This issue is going on since the last couple of years and no one is bothered to resolve this matter. Even big companies are afraid to take action.

What’s the Problem

The actual problem is that since the online cab aggregators are getting almost 99% booking leaving the local taxi operators in Lonavala go without any booking at their own fare. Taxi service is a very competitive business nowadays and every cab aggregator is trying to lower the price to win the customers.

The Private operators in Lonavala demand Rs.2500+ Toll to drop you Mumbai in Sedan AC Cab while you can get the same cab for under Rs.2000 or less than that depending on the promotion. So if you are saving Rs.500+ on your Lonavala trip you would prefer the Cab Aggregator of course.

Now since all the bookings going to Cab Aggregators, the local Cab providers in Lonavala are going out of business. I believe lowering the price is not the solution. In the price war between the online Taxi aggregators, the ultimate victims are driver partners of these online taxi aggregators.

Lonavala Taxi Operators Role

There were many incidents in the past that these taxi agents/ drivers are attacking the poor drivers who do not know about the situation in Lonavala. The drivers who had a bad experience in the past refuse to go to Lonavala. These agents in Lonavala damaging the cab or in some cases they extort money from drivers or customers. Last night one of our driver Nagesh’s cab was stopped at Lonavala and they extorted Rs.500 from him.

I think these agent should refrain from taking law in their hands and take legal help if they think they are right. Beating the driver or damaging the car is not going to get the business. They think if no cabs from Pune and Mumbai go to Lonavla they will get all the business and charge Rs.2500+ Toll for oneway Cab.


The outside drivers never bother to fight with the locals. In fact, the tourist also does not want to ruin their holiday to go and report it to Police. So everyone is just trying to ignore the issue.

Many of the owner driver-partners are not able to pay off their EMIs or maintain the cab. The Cab companies should look after these drivers welfare too. There were many strikes in Mumbai by these drivers to hike the KM rate in Local as well as outstation.

What’s the Solutions:

There should be healthy pricing for the taxi fare to cover the EMIs maintenance and Driver salaries. So the customers should go for the best service and not the lowest price. Keep in mind the lowest price taxi may not be the ideal solution as the cab might not be well maintained, the driver might be in a rush or rude.

On the other hand, these Cab Aggregators should lower their commission which is 20% at present. The 20% commission is worldwide but they charge is Dollars and that too a good price. A Mumbai to Lonavala fare distance would be around $80 if this would be in the USA.

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Tip: If you are planning to Lonavala trip, trying taking self-drive cars to avoid such issues. There are much cheaper options for self-drive cars or you can take also take from local operators.

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